Current position: CORUN - Technology Innovation - Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system


Superior performance and reliable quality are keys ensuring competitiveness of products.

Corun insist on that the quality of product is formed in the whole producing process,including design, test, manufacture, sales, service and use. Therefore, we must insure the various factors which impact product quality always in a controlled state in entire process of product. We must implement the total quality management of whole process and full participation, and then our companies have the ability to continue providing products which meet quality standards and customer request.

For this, Corun established a set of quality management system which meet international standards. According to the international standardization quality management system and combination with the characteristics of company and industry, we developed a set of quality control system and management system, and have made perfect effect.

Products of Corun are trustworthy.

The focus is fine and precision: constructing fine production system and precision management system which of Corun characteristics, comprehensive interface the global advanced indicators and industry benchmarking.


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