Current position: CORUN - Sales System - marketing idea

marketing idea

set up a cosmopolitan market network and dance with world-renowned companies

Through technical research and development,scientific and technological innovations,and technical cooperation with world-class battery companies for many years,we finally achieved success breakthrough of technology and market in the power battery & hybrid electric vehicle field after long-term unremitting efforts, and at present time our products have successfully applied to hybrid electric vehicle. This marks that Lyrun is not only the No.1 on the production and sale of nickel foam, but also on forefront of the world in the field of power battery applications.服务理念

service tenet

The service zero-distance, the quality zero flaw, the client zero Complaint

Committed to providing customers with high-quality stable, efficient and quick services

service idea

The market order is bigger than general manager's order

The marketing department carries on the market analysis, the propaganda promotion, the display plan regularly, and provide the support to the occupation of production market.

Sales Department maintain regular contact with customers to anticipate customer needs, and give company the feedback to ensure that the development and improvement of products exactly correspond to customer requirements. As the same time, all of these are certain to increase mutual understanding and trust.  

service policy

Zero-distance services

We are committed to a global advanced materials and new energy storage battery suppliers in France, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Chenghai, and other places set up offices for customers to provide timely technical support and business services.

service content

Establishes dynamic, full, complete files, to understand the reality of the potential customer needs, providing customers with targeted products and services.

Establishes the highly effective order form processing system, realizes the fast response to the customer demand.

A full-time sales of services, the sale of the goods, clearing sales, storage and transportation, and other products for rapid processing

Establishes rapid marketing information system and timely information on marketing screening, separation and feedback.


Provide personalized services to meet the changing market and the customer specific requirements.
At present, CORUN has established a compared consummate customer service system, with more than 500 customers, “,many of which possess famous international brands, mainly located in the fields of communication electronics, power tools, electric toys, lamps and so on”. We firmly believe that the excellent quality of the products, the competitive prices and the efficient production will help to establish close relations with customers in the company’s relatively short period of development.

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