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High temperature proof of W+Ni and Ni+Cr series products

Pore size: 5—50ppi
Porosity: 90%--98%
Common parameter:Thickness:1-30mm, diameter:10-500mm
Application:They have been widely used as the carrier material for vehicles’exhaust purifier;surface layer material for infrared burner,heat material for various industrial and resdential drying plants,infrared gas stove, water heater,barbecue tools and ovens.They also can be applied as filtration and gas distribution material under other high temperaturer condition.
Feature:They can endure temperature as high as over 1000℃,and their specific surface area can reach 1m/g,.With their high compressive strength,they offer excellent chemical resistance to a variety of acids and alkalines,With their high permeability,low fluid-resistance rate, uniform structure,they allow for gas distribution.Their surface structure also can be excellently adhasive with the catalyst coating.Compared with the conventional porous ceramics,they ensure better permeability,conductivity ,resistance to heat shock,not easily compacted and also bear longer use life.


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