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Continuous band-shaped nickel foam

 Continuous band-shaped nickel foam, one of our leading products, is the No.1 of our country, we have independent intellectual property rights. It has been classified as "863" major research projects, the state-level key new products and the first batch of 10 billion project in Hunan Province. Products technical index reach or exceed the international advanced level, have been recognized and batch purchased by large domestic battery manufacturers and foreign enterprises.


Continuous band-shaped nickel foam is the skeletal material of Ni-MH battery, It is exactly the birth of nickel foam that allow us to develop the new generation high-power NI-MH batteries and NI-CD batteries. Only the application of continuous band-shaped nickel foam in the NI-MH batteries process makes it possible that the batteries maintain identical performance and could be produced in a large-scale, those two points are just the keys why Japan’s NI-MH batteries dominate the world for a long time. 

●    Thickness: (1.1-2.5)±0.05mm
 Tensile Strength: Longitudinal:≥1.25N/mm2   Transversal ≥1.00N/mm2
 Elongation: Vertical:≥5%  Lateral ≥12%
 Width: (50-900)±0.5mm
 Length: Section Length≥10m connecting times of every 200m ≤4 times
 packing: 100-300m/ Volume

Application Direction

1. battery electrode materials, particular for the Ni-MH battery which rechargeable batteries used in notebook computers, mobile phones, electric scooter, electric bicycles, hybrid electric vehicles,   electric tools, high-grade toys.
2. electric catalyst for molten carbonate fuel cell, bipolar plate modified materials for the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), electrode relay feeder of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), electrode material in electrolytic ( such as in the environmental of water electricity agents).
3. Catalyst carrier of the car catalyst converters, catalytic combustion, diesel vehicle smoke purifier.
4. filter material, deal with magnetic flux conductor in the fluid particles.
5. hydrogen-storage medium, heat exchange medium and so on.
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