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Cultural life

Corun culture is the common behavior of work, life, entertainment, communication, management and so on that formed in the process of creating value together for more than a decade. It is a spiritual bond to unite employees and a power to stimulate all the staff to devote themselves to their jobs which is an important guarantee for Corun’s sustainable development.

agglomerate hearts ,assemble strength

Developed to today, the cultural connotation has extended to all levels of employees life. Corporate culture with Corun character is the Corun’s goal. Identified with entrepreneurial spirit and values, shaping good corporate image, agglomerating hearts and inspiring morale, Corun created enormous material and spiritual wealth.

Corun cultural system was based on natural laws. the characters were incarnated in all business activities, staff’s activities and even social responsibilities.

The Corun are constantly striving to become a model for the community, which is not only Corun’s pride, but also the direction of long-term efforts.

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