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Company Profile

Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in January 1998 and listed on Shanghai stock exchange (stock code 600478) in September 2003. The company headquarter is located in Changsha National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It is an advanced technology enterprise specialized in new energy material, advanced batteries, BMS and their extension products researching, manufacturing and sale. Courn contributes its efforts to build a complete industrial chain specialized in the core and key parts of energy saving and new energy battery field. 

Company currently has 2341 employees, 286 of them hold Master Degree or above. Leading by Dr Faping ZHONG, our expert team is formed by over 100 world well known experts, professors and academicians in the battery field. Among them, there are scores of Japanese experts. After decades of hard work and efforts, Corun has established its leadership in the field of advanced energy saving material and high performance power battery industry. The company owns 194 proprietary intellectual properties right for its core technology. Its technology and capability of industrialism has reached to the highest international level. Corun has become the most important production, R&D base and sales supporting center for the advanced energy saving material, environmental friendly battery and energy saving service system in China.  

The company has 5 manufacturing bases, which located at Changsha, Changde, Yiyang, Lanzhou and Chigasaki (Japan). Its strategic branches are also set in North America and Europe. Corun group consist the following subsidiary companies. They are Changsha Lyrun New Materials Co., LTD, Lanzhou JinChuan Corun Battery Co.,LTD, YiYang Corun Battery Co.,LTD, Hunan Copower EV Battery Co.,LTD, Shanon Corun Energy Co.,Ltd (Japan), Corun  Trading Co.,Ltd(US), Societe Corun New Energy   SAS(EUROPE). Furthermore, the group also involved into the establishment of Hunan Rare Earth Industrial Group, Corun PEVE(CHINA) Automotive Battery Co.,LTD. 

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